The Love of Three Oranges


9.6.- 28.6. 2017

Eröffnung:  Freitag, 9. Juni 2017,  18 h

Das Kollektiv THREE ORANGES versammelt für jede Ausstellung unterschiedliche Künstler*innen,
in der KYOTOBAR diesmal mit Malerei, Video und Installation.

Eva Hegge
Selma van Panhuis
Katharina Schilling
Hanna Stiegeler
Carsten Tabel

Laundry day is the only exciting day in the life of clothes. The washing machine is the night club. Of clothes. You know, it’s dark, there is bubbles around you, there is all kinds of dancing around, shirt grabs the underwear: Come on babe, let’s go!

Socks are the most amazing article of clothings. They hate their lives in the shoes with stinky feet, the boring draws, the washing machine is their only chance to escape, and they all know it. They do escape from the dryer. They plan it, in the hamper the night before. “Tomorrow, the dryer – I’m gone. You wait here!” The dryer door swings open, the sock is waiting up against the side wall. He hopes you don’t see him and he goes down the road, de-de-de … (singing). Then they get buttons on their face and join a puppet show.


Öffnungszeiten Mo – Fr  11-18 h  u.n. Vereinbarung





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